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We provide solutions that tackle various components of airport operations, communications and security. Our solution ranges from the implementation of the following:

We provide airports with solutions that help them establish an Information Technology foundation for their business operations. Our solutions' Return on Investment (ROI) has surpassed the expectations of our clients based on the benefits they are acquiring in utilizing our solutions. Major airport projects are currently being executed and have been awarded to TasHeel due to our dedicated commitment in executing projects with high standards and to our clients' full satisfaction.


TasHeel has developed and implemented various solutions for the government's municipality sector contributing to the government's initiative of providing centralized and automated services to the public. TasHeel's solutions were designed and developed to automate the daily operations of the municipalities from permit issuance and renewal, investments, income sources, penalties, collection register and inspection & follow-up.

Based on their requirements and operational needs, TasHeel has combined the latest technologies, hardware and software available in the market to design and develop solutions aligned with the business processes of the municipalities. These solutions are scalable and can easily be integrated with various government applications.


TasHeel has played a major role in the implementation of office automation systems for Ministries and Government Agencies which paved the way in providing service efficiency to the public as well as within the workplace. Some of the major systems implemented by TasHeel which contributed to Government competitiveness in the Global industry are as follows:

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

TasHeel provides implementation and integration services to enable law enforcement and intelligence agencies to exchange data with other internal and external systems, and to build an Intelligent Platform that allows them to have one view of their data from different systems and data sources. TasHeel has successfully implemented proven line-of-business applications for law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as Open Source Intelligence Monitoring, Intelligent People Monitor and Profiling, Case Management System and many other systems upon request including lawful interception, network forensics and other highly specialized solution components.


TasHeel's office automation applications such as Document Management System, Inventory and Purchasing System, Budget and Accounting System, HR and E-Payroll System, and Project Tracking System are also designed for use by the financial, health and manufacturing sectors. These applications can be customized to meet client specific requirements.


TasHeel has developed and implemented numerous IT solutions for the constructions industry. Most of our solutions concentrated on the project management process and its related financial transactions. One of our most notable and widely used solution is the Project Tracking System (PTS).

It primarily addresses project management requirements of clients from the construction industry. The PTS provides a set of applications that automates various phases of the project implementation lifecycle, from proposal preparation, resources allocation, project implementation until the project handover stage. The solution is composed of tightly integrated applications that provide a central repository of project data allowing access to up-to-date project information.