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Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness Session for MBO Jeddah

TasHeel Information Technology recently conducted a “Cyber Security Awareness” session for the Jeddah Minaret Business Organization (MBO) which was held on May 06, 2015. Members of the MBO participated in the interactive 2-hour presentation to enlighten business executives on the risks we face on the Internet and what we can do to keep our online presence secure. By attending the session, MBO members has taken one of the most important steps to safe and secure computing, which is to be aware and to stay informed.

Presentation Overview

We live in a hyper-connected world wherein we are constantly connected to the Internet both in our personal and professional lives. As a result, we are also exposed to cyber risks and threats that can be brought about by our positions at the organizations we work for, or may be just due to personal associations, wealth or popularity.

Cyber-criminals are motivated by various factors from simple curiosity to financial gain or even political agenda. Because of the borderless nature of the Internet, cyber-crime can originate from any place and be directed to someone on the other side of the globe. Unlike typical crimes where the risk is relative to a person’s proximity to the criminals; with the Internet, we are all exposed to the cyber criminals of the world – from the next door high school kid experimenting with hacking techniques using his PC to highly organized cyber syndicates with very advanced skills and sophisticated tools.

This talk presented the cyber risks and threats that we face both at a personal and professional setting, and how you can improve your security at various aspects of your online presence from mobile devices, corporate systems, home network including personal or social networks. The talk also tackled the do’s and don’t’s to help secure your cyber presence. The session was divided into four (4) parts as follows:

  1. Today’s threats
  2. Attack types and methods
  3. Good practices
  4. Q & A

Speaker Profile

Basem Abu Ayash is Vice President at TasHeel - Information Technology and oversees the growth and operation of the company. He is a key player in TasHeel’s transformation into a systems integration and security consulting company.

Basem develops TasHeel’s strategic and business plans and manages its implementation. He guided the company to successfully achieve its strategic goals in terms of revenue, market expansion and coverage (from KSA to GCC), manpower growth, successful delivery of projects, and value to stakeholders.

As Chief System Architect and Head of Information Security, Basem leads the software developers and security consultants of the firm. He is CISSP-certified, and as an experienced developer of operating systems, device drivers and applications, Basem has in-depth technical knowledge of security at all levels ranging from network, operating systems, applications and data level.

He has worked with major Saudi government and private organizations for over 20 years and now leads the company as one of the prominent IT service providers in Saudi Arabia.