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Services Portfolio

Our services includes the technologies, components and activities that provide a total IT solution for various operational requirements of different organizations, both government and commercial institutions. Our services help clients make strategic decisions in the application of technology from network infrastructure, security, application integration, built-to-order solutions and mobile applications; we provide unparalleled dedication and commitment to our clients.

Our teams are consistently trained on the latest technologies available in the market and has the knowledge and expertise in providing solutions to meet your requirements.

1 Core Competencies

Cloud Computing/Virtualization

TasHeel’s Cloud Computing and Virtualization services is classified into two (2) areas: first is the design, setup, implementation and operation of cloud infrastructure and systems; and second is the provision of cloud-hosted systems and applications such as the Akrebeia range of applications, DMS and others.

A. Cloud Infrastructure Setup

TasHeel has customer-proven expertise in establishing public or private clouds for medium to large organizations (e.g. ministries) and enterprises. Whether the cloud infrastructure is used to deploy systems and applications for multibranch organizations or for distinct organizations running systems hosted in the cloud, TasHeel can design and setup a cloud infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable and highly available. TasHeel tailors the design of the required cloud infrastructure to the specific needs of the host and client organization(s), and to the type of systems that will be hosted in it.

B. Cloud Services (SaaS)

TasHeel's cloud based services provides its clients faster, safer and more reliable computing service that can be utilized to their advantage. By utilizing our cloud–based SaaS (software as a service), you can immediately access our AKREBEIA Suite of Office automation products to manage your organization's processes and operations. TasHeel is the exclusive distributor of AKREBEIA Suite of Office Automation Systems in Saudi Arabia and its neighboring GCC countries. The AKREBEIA suite of office automation systems is a set of fully web–based applications designed to automate many of the administrative functions carried out by organizations that include:

Build-to-Order Solutions

TasHeel provides custom-tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements of clients. Many organizations today need applications customtailored to automate their various business processes. Most COTS applications cannot address all the company's specific requirements and customizing them is impractical sometimes requiring large investment in effort and money. In this case, the best approach is to acquire a custom-tailored application that will address your specific requirements. TasHeel's Build-to-Order services helps you develop and implement a custom built application that will address your business needs, increase your company efficiency and generate huge returns in investment.

We use the best programming platform and latest programming software available in the market in developing your custom-tailored application. We will work with you throughout the planning, designing, development and implementation stage to properly address all your specific needs.

TasHeel has developed and implemented a wide range of custom solutions for different industry sectors, which include medical, educational, commercial, financial, and governmental institutions.

In addition, TasHeel's custom application can be tailored to be easily integrated with your existing systems to allow easier and faster data exchange.

Mobile Apps (IOS & Android)

TasHeel's mobile application development resources have extensive experience in developing applications for Android platform, Apple iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. We develop premium and secure mobile Applications that meets our client's requirements and exceed their expectations.

We work with our clients throughout the development cycle allowing them to have firsthand experience of the product and also to incorporate their comments and changes to the application to ensure that it meets their requirements.

We offer solutions with the highest quality by providing a dedicated team to work entirely on your project allowing the fastest delivery of your mobile applications.

Our development team takes advantage of the features and capabilities of the devices based on their corresponding platforms when developing applications which results in innovative and dynamic applications for mobile devices.

System Integration

TasHeel offers end-to-end system integration services to implement seamless integration of your existing IT applications. We provide our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology used by your organization is in-line with your business objectives. We have extensive experience in integrating various applications to provide a comprehensive solution capable of handling the different system integration requirements of your organization. Our integration strategy includes the following process:

Utilizing service oriented architecture and web services technology, our integration services optimize the capabilities of the systems/application and provide a fully integrated solution that will maximize productivity and minimize operational cost.

TasHeel continuously evaluates the capabilities of new systems/applications available in the market giving us the upper hand of recommending the best solution to our clients that can be easily integrated to their current IT environment. TasHeel's integration expertise also facilitates integration of their existing systems either within the organization or even with external organizations/systems that need to integrate with their systems.

Enterprise Security

TasHeel has extensive experience in providing data security solutions and strategies providing them with end-to-end data protection from internal and external threats. TasHeel's approach starts with conducting a complete enterprise-wide system analysis in order to identify current risks, weaknesses and breaches in your security infrastructure. We then help you define your access and security objectives in order to properly plan, design, develop, implement and manage your new data protection and security processes. Our services include:

2 Additional Services

As part of turn-key projects and solutions provided by TasHeel, the following additional services may also be implemented by TasHeel as required on top of its core products and services.

Active Devices Networking

TasHeel's networking services includes the selection, design, implementation and configuration of the right active devices which will serve as the core communication platform for various systems of your organization. We provide seamless, secure and high-capacity connectivity across your organization while offering the latest communications solution designed to be scalable to fit dynamic business needs. Our network engineers are experts in planning, designing and implementing active devices providing a flexible and scalable private IP-based communication platform which will connect all your locations faultlessly.

We utilize the most advanced technologies available in the market in order to build dependable networks which are used to facilitate business services. Our services includes the implementation and configuration of various active devices such as routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, network interface cards, network operating system and other components.

Physical Network

TasHeel's experience in physical networking is well recognized through the implementation of various projects involving the private and government sectors. Our physical networking solution ranges from a simple building cabling distribution system to a campus wide Inside/Outside backbone cabling that covers all communication needs such as Voice, Data, LAN and Video. Our solution utilizes the latest wiring technology providing a futureproof network. Our physical network services include but are not limited to these six main areas:

Unified Communications

TasHeel designs and implements unified communications solution that streamlines communication to increase user productivity and collaboration.

Our solution integrates real-time communication services such as instant messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing, and data sharing with other communication services such as unified messaging (fax, email, SMS).

Our solution is a fully IP based communication solution which provides a secure foundation optimized for wired and wireless IP communications. It has the ability to support IP-to-IP gateways for easy and cost-effective connectivity between independent voice-over-IP (VOIP) networks.

Utilizing a structured approach, we always conduct a detailed assessment of the client's business requirements. Based on this, we design the most appropriate unified communications solution to meet the technical and budget requirements with careful consideration of future growth and needs. We then implement the solution and train the client's technical staff in managing and maintaining the system to ensure service continuity and provide early return on investment.

Our unified communication services include:

IP Telephony
Provides voice and video communications between your employees using your IP data network. This includes remote or mobile communication.

Collaboration Services
Offer an environment for employees to communicate, collaborate and share ideas and be more productive.

Allow users to access and manage their messages from the web, email, and mobile devices for a truly unified experience.

Ability to connect using mobile devices, laptops and smartphones wherever they are.

Physical Security

TasHeel has extensive experience in providing security solutions for the physical security of facilities, offices, palaces and residences. TasHeel performs the required risk analysis and study of the client’s security requirements. We then recommend and design the most appropriate physical security solutions in accordance with industry standards and best practices. TasHeel’s physical security solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

ERP Implementation (Akrebeia)

Akrebeia L.L.C. is a company based in Houston Texas whose specialty products are office automation systems widely used in Saudi Arabia such as HR, Payroll, DMS, IPS, BAS, OMS, PTS, HelpDesk, in which TasHeel is an exclusive distributor and implementer in the Middle East and Africa. The Akrebeia suite of office automation systems is a set of fully web-based applications designed to automate many of the administrative functions carried out by organizations.

Fully integrated both at the application and database level, the Akrebeia system features a comprehensive security system directly integrated with Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory that allows administrators to control access at the application, functionality and data levels.

The Akrebeia applications also feature a workflow and notification system that can be integrated with corporate messaging systems (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) which allow routing of documents and tasks (e.g. approvals) based on routing rules set according to organizational hierarchy or customized workflow.

As a fully web-based system, the Akrebeia system makes extensive use of web services that facilitate integration between the Akrebeia applications and third party systems that organizations use. This feature makes the Akrebeia suite of applications flexible that it can be further enhanced to improve its accessibility through Intranet Portal implementation.

Deployed in many organizations, the Akrebeia suite of application is a proven system already in use by thousands of users. It is a fourth generation software that has undergone cycles of releases and enhancements to what is now a truly high quality and reliable system which incorporates the industry best practices for the different function areas covered by each of the Akrebeia applications.

Consulting and IT Master Planning

To ensure the success of enterprise-wide IT projects, system implementations must be properly planned and phased to address immediate requirements, while gradually preparing for what is to come. Budgetary and operational constraints must also be considered carefully to ensure that clients get the best value for their money, and at the same time, ensure that initial IT investments get high and fast returns. TasHeel is a veteran in defining comprehensive IT Master Plans which can meet the immediate and future requirements of any organization. TasHeel also provides specialized consulting services for IT project planning and management.

Custom Training (Security)

TasHeel provides customized training in specialized areas such as information/network/data security, cyber security, open source intelligence and related fields. TasHeel’s extensive experience and expertise in various areas of IT security provides the capability to conduct specialized and customized security training courses delivered through its certified security professionals.