Automation Platform

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Tasheel understands the importance of building the right platforms for specific businesses. Tasheel has built an automation platform that contains the basic service engine required for all business environments. It enables clients to manage and follow up the operation of these systems electronically and to benefit from the basic services of the platform. In addition, the optional components enables the parties to take advantage of additional features available on the platform.

The automation platform contains various services and features for automating the business process. The services features are divided into two components which includes the following:

1. Core Services Components

Core services built-in components contain the basic services needed by most applications. It consists of the following:

Workflow Engine

The workflow functionality routes documents/requests whenever approval or notification is required. With the systems automated workflow, documents, transactions or online requests are routed automatically to designated recipient (department or personnel) for processing. Easily manage the routing of documents with open or built-in workflow by selecting specific or pre-defined destinations to forward documents, transactions or requests for action.

Notification Engine

Includes SMS and email notifications. The SMS notification feature notify users about documents assigned to them, late docs, etc., through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The email notification feature can be integrated with the organization’s existing messaging systems (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) which will allow routing of documents and tasks (e.g. approvals) based on routing rules set according to organizational hierarchy or customized workflow.

Instant Messaging

The instant messaging feature allows users to collaborate and discuss a particular subject or transaction through the system. Online messages are transmitted bi-directionally between parties exchanging thoughts, ideas and information. It is also used to send online messages to persons for a particular action.

2. Optional Services

The optional services are components that are added in the platform as needed to provide additional services. The optional services includes the following:

Fax Integration

This feature provides the ability to integrate the solution with a fax server (such as Microsoft Fax Server or RightFax) thus facilitating the capability of sending faxes directly from the system and the receiving of documents from the fax server to the system.


The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) component has the ability to read all the text in scanned documents and saves them in the database, classifying and manipulating electronically to enable users to search and retrieve within those texts without the need for traditional indexing operations. It can also be linked to huge data platform (BIG DATA) to take advantage of advanced analysis and data analysis features.

Email Organizer

The e-mail organizer provides e-mail archiving services (inbound and outbound), archived and stored within the databases avoiding the loss of e-mail data as well as enhancing the speed of searching and retrieving the required records. It links all applications with the e-mail system to archive incoming messages and attachments and link them electronically rather than the traditional way of e-mailing directly.

Document Exchange HUB

The document exchange engine is a cloud-based system that allows different entities to exchange documents and information online using the administrative communication system such as the Document Management System (DMS). The exchange engine processes the request for transmission, the presence of an incoming document, the approval and approval processes, the security and confidentiality checks, and electronic receipt.
Using standard (YEFI) methods and web services, the Document Exchange Hub supports different types of document management systems from different vendors and allows them to send/receive documents through the hub.

Enterprise Search

Tasheel Enterprise Search provides the ability for an organization to establish an in-house search database for the various systems and applications that they use. The Enterprise Search features a sophisticated search engine that can crawl and index any database within the organization and provide a highly structured and optimized search database. Using “Big Data” technology, the Enterprise Search is able to perform search functions almost instantaneously providing search results in very short time. Search results will contain matches relevant to the keyword entered and will provide the links to the original location of the data.

Integration Services

Integration services enables systems to be linked to each other in order to take advantage of data and information shared between different systems and to take advantage of the features and components of other systems that may require their use.
Utilizing service oriented architecture and web services technology, our integration services optimize the capabilities of the systems/applications and provide a fully integrated solution that will maximize productivity and minimize operational cost.