True to our name, Tasheel, we stake our identity as a goal to make your life easy. We start from this point to provide integrated services, interactive platforms, intelligent and innovative solutions to facilitate the work process and to streamline efficiency.
Tasheel offers the following services:


Tasheel provides custom-tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements of clients. Many organizations today need applications custom-tailored to automate their various business processes. Most COTS applications cannot address all the company's specific requirements and customizing them is impractical sometimes requiring large investment in effort and money. In this case, the best approach is to acquire a custom-tailored application that will address your specific requirements. Tasheel's Build-to-Order services helps you develop and implement a custom built application that will address your business needs, increase your company efficiency and generate huge returns in investment.
We use the best programming platform and latest programming software available in the market in developing your custom-tailored application. We will work with you throughout the planning, designing, development and implementation stage to properly address all your specific needs.
Tasheel has developed and implemented a wide range of custom solutions for different industry sectors, which include medical, educational, commercial, financial, and governmental institutions.
In addition, Tasheel's custom application can be tailored to be easily integrated with your existing systems to allow easier and faster data exchange.

Mobile Application

Our technical development team has extensive experience in developing mobile applications for different platform such as iOS and Android devices. We develop premium and secure mobile applications that meets our customer's requirements and exceed their expectations.
We work with our clients throughout the development cycle allowing them to have first-hand experience of the product and also to incorporate their comments and changes to ensure that their requirements are met.
We offer high quality solutions by providing a dedicated team to work entirely for your project allowing the fastest delivery you can ever imagine.
Our development team takes advantage of the features and capabilities of the devices based on their corresponding platforms when developing applications resulting in innovative and dynamic applications for mobile devices.

System Integration

Tasheel offers a comprehensive set of system integration services capable of providing seamless integration of your existing IT applications. We provide system integration expertise ensuring that the technology used by your organization is in-line with your business objectives.
Our integration strategy includes the following process:

  • Evaluating the current systems/applications of the client and their current integration method;
  • Understanding their business processes, determine their requirements and their operational needs;
  • Identify the data/information that will be integrated or transferred between the applications;
  • Design the integration method and the interface functionalities;
  • And implement the integration solution and provide first hand support.

By utilizing service oriented architecture and web services technology, our integration services optimizes the capabilities of the systems/applications and provide a fully integrated solution that will maximize productivity and minimize operational cost.
Tasheel continuously evaluates the capabilities of new systems/applications available in the market giving us the upper hand of recommending the best solution to our clients that can be easily integrated to their current IT environment. Our integration expertise also facilitates integration of existing systems either within the organization or even with external organizations/systems that need to integrate with their systems.

Cloud Services

Tasheel’s Electronic Content Management Platform is designed to be “cloud-ready” which provides flexibility in terms of deployment in either public or private cloud environment.

Our cloud-based service provides its clients faster, secure and more reliable computing service that can be utilized to their advantage. By utilizing our cloud-ready “Software as a Service” (SaaS), customers can immediately access Tasheel’s Electronic Content Management products to manage their organization’s processes and day-to-day operations. Tasheel’s Electronic Content Management products are a set of fully web-based systems applications designed to automate various administrative functions carried out by the organizations that includes:

Data Science

Tasheel offer its expertise in designing and implementing world-class Data Science solutions and services for empowering organizations by gaining valuable insights to their vast amount of data across various sources. Our Data Science service enables our customers to retrieve relevant data for the right people at the right time to make better and faster decision.

  • Collection – we gather data from various sources as required by the customer. It could be flat files, emails, social media, and structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Processing – Our experts will perform comprehensive data cleaning process to ensure that the customer’s data is accurate and of the highest quality possible.
  • Analysis – we perform various analytics on the “processed” data to generate the required model and apply smart algorithms to accurately predict potential risks and maximize your organization’s performance.
  • Deployment – we will recommend and implement a personalized dashboard of your choosing for visualization. A Webpage, a mobile application or both will be able to present the generated findings and deliver an engaging user experience that will improve the customer’s business decision.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems

Tasheel provides a solution to integrate several special systems that involves specialized hardware and software system designed to deliver a Centralized/Integrated Solution for communication, information distribution, control and management in a high demand environment such as airports, factories, offices, and others.
ICT System is grouped into three parts:

  1. Extra Low Voltage Systems – provides a complete Communication and Distribution System which manages transmission and security of voice, data, audio and audiovisual. The Extra Low Voltage Systems includes the following components:
    • Structured Cabling System
    • Voice Communications System
    • Data Network Equipment
    • Wireless Network System
    • IPTV Distribution System
    • Master Clock System
  1. Specialized Systems – enhances the specific airport processes and services offered to departing and arriving passengers from arrival at the airport to boarding the aircraft. The Specialized Systems includes the following components:
    • Flight Information Display System
    • Common Use Terminal Equipment
    • Baggage Reconciliation System
  1. Security and Safety Systems – reduces accidents and incidents, improve communication and help the facility meet its legal responsibility to manage safety and access. The Security and Safety Systems includes the following components:
    • Fire Detection Alarm System
    • Public Address and Mass Evacuation System
    • Video Surveillance System
    • Security Access Control System
    • Building Management System
    • Security Operation Center