Our Vision

To be a national model with global expertise and a cornerstone in supporting the visions of Saudi Arabia and its aspirations toward leadership and digital excellence

Vision 2030

Our Mission

Create and develop an integrated, interactive, intelligent, and innovative technology environment that helps people accomplish their work easily, quickly and accurately.

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Business Solutions

  • Document/Record Management System (DMS)

    Document Management System (DMS)

  • Archiving Management System

    Archiving Management System

  • Case Management System

    Case Management System

  • Meeting Management System (MMS)

    Meeting Management System (MMS)

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)

    Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • Office Service Management

    Office Service Management

Tasheel Services


Tasheel provides custom-tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements of clients. Many organizations today need applications custom-tailored to automate their various business processes.

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Mobile Application

Tasheel’s development team has extensive experience in developing mobile applications for different platform such as iOS and Android. We develop premium and secure mobile applications that meets our customer's requirements and exceed their expectations.

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System Integration

Tasheel offers a comprehensive set of system integration services capable of providing seamless integration of your existing IT applications. We provide system integration expertise ensuring that the technology used by your organization is in-line with your business objectives.

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Cloud Services

Tasheel’s Electronic Content Management Platform is designed to be “cloud-ready” which provides flexibility in terms of deployment in either public or private cloud environment.

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Data Science

Tasheel offer its expertise in designing and implementing world-class Data Science solutions and services for empowering organizations by gaining valuable insights to their vast amount of data across various sources.

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ICT Implementation

Tasheel provides a solution to integrate several special systems that involves specialized hardware and software system designed to deliver a Centralized/Integrated Solution for communication, information distribution, control and management in a high demand environment such as airports, factories, offices, and others.

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Tasheel's hard work is always rewarded with our customer's satisfaction, which we have always been proud of. We take our client's ambitions beyond their expectation and become their IT partner in their success in course of time.
We always strive to provide excellent IT services and get advantages from our vast experience over the years. With the evolution and optimistic visions of information technology, our passion reach new heights to gain our clients' confidence and become proud to be a strategic choice for them to achieve their goals everywhere.

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