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TasHeel and CTS Presents Intelligence Solution at the ISS World Asia 2014

TasHeel Information Technology (TasHeel) and its Partner, Creative Technosoft Systems (CTS) participated in the ISS World Asia 2014 held in Kuala Lumpur from December 2-4, 2015. ISS World Asia is the world's largest gathering of Asian Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts as well as Telecom Operators responsible for Lawful Interception, Hi-Tech Electronic Investigations and Network Intelligence Gathering. TasHeel and CTS were one of the Exhibiting Sponsors and speakers who presented a very interesting subject on “Integrating Intelligent Profiling with OSINT” to a large group of participants in the field of Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Government Intelligence Community. The following is a brief description of OSINTMon and PeopleMon software products, as well as TasHeel and CTS backgrounds.


OSINT Monitor allows you to gather public as well as private information available on different social networking sites, News Feeds, Google Plus etc. to reduce criminal threats and to access the most vital information in the consequence of a hazard or crisis and restore this real-time data into “noise-free,” quality data on to your local database for monitoring, filtering, and to find smart ways to analyze these archived profiles, news items, posts and other information of social media.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and others have millions of users. Persons of any age can post content in form of text, photos and video, there is a lot that you can’t see from what they are posting. Here we present a Dynamic Analytic tool to monitor all the activities of major social networking websites, News feeds and others.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify your social media monitoring.
  • A fully flexible solution allowing data to be viewed at any time in any location.
  • Easy to extract different profiles of social media from single software.
  • Create your own database to save the information of your interest within seconds.
  • Supports a set of keywords for easy search.
  • Easily fetch news from individual or from different selected channels just with a keyword.


PeopleMon allows an organization to gather, compile and collate information from various sources to create a comprehensive profile of a “person of interest”. Subject information is sorted, analyzed and categorized to create a well-structured profile of the subject that includes Biographical Data, Documents, OSINT, Field Reports, Internal Records, Analysis, and Integration with various data sources such as government agencies (e.g. DMV, civil registry, credit bureau, etc.), organizations (e.g. memberships in local and international professional clubs, etc.) and others.

The security profile created through the PeopleMon provides a valuable tool for intelligence analysts when investigating persons of interest, their affiliations and activities. It gives detailed insight into the subject through an easy to use system that contains an organized set of intelligence data regarding the subjects.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplifies data collection and analysis
  • Create a powerful, searchable database of security profile data on unlimited number of persons of interest
  • Facilitates search and extraction of subject’s security profile
  • Presents subject’s security profile in highly organized and easy to use format
  • Allow users to view current and archived historical data about each subject for detailed analysis
  • Easily view and identify subject’s personal network, affiliations and activities

About TasHeel Information Technology:

TasHeel is a leading Information Technology firm with expertise and proven track record in system integration, network and security infrastructure, office automation systems, IT consultancy and project management. TasHeel’s extensive range of IT services includes Enterprise Security, Mobile Applications Development, Built-to-Order Solutions, Enterprise Application Integration, Cloud Based Services, Data Center, and Unified Communications.

About Creative Technosoft Systems:

Creative Technosoft Systems (CTS) is a premier IT services firm, distinguished in successful delivery of Web development Services, IT Services & solutions. CTS specializes in the development and implementation of security systems such as OSINT Monitor and Intelligent Profiling System (IPS).


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ISS World Asia 2014