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Security Awareness

Good Practices

As part of the Cyber Security Awareness sessions, we describe the top twelve (12) good practices that can help in securing your online presence. Over the next few days, we will provide these good practices as a series of articles outlining tips, guidelines and steps that most non-technical (and even techy) users can follow for safe and secure computing.

Check back daily for a list and description of the Top Twelve (12) Good Practices for Cyber Security.

1Good Password Practice
2Backup, Backup, Backup
3Email Links & Attachments
4Install Protective Software
5Patch, Patch, Patch …..
6Use Secure Connections
7Assume all data you upload on Social Media networks will be Public Forever
8Assume all your data and location on the smart phone (device) is PUBLIC
9Take control of your internet identity (Professional and Social)
10Be conscientious of what you plug into your machine /device
11Control access to your machine / device
12Most importantly, Stay Informed